What Is Girl Child Network

Girl Child Network (GCN) is a private voluntary organization based in Zengeza 4, Chitungwiza that supports the empowerment of the girl child in all spheres of home, school and community. Our goal is the holistic and total empowerment of the girl child as well as the eradication of all forms of abuse and practices that in part or whole, directly or indirectly impede or wholly prevent the full physical, emotional and spiritual growth and development of the girl child.

Our aim is to reach out to as many girls as is possible in Chitungwiza and possibly the whole of Zimbabwe to safeguard their rights through giving them an opportunity to know about their rights and be able to stand up for their rights. Our vision for an empowered girl is one who stands on her own with confidence to tackle challenges in life and strives to reach her potential, is assertive and demonstrates positive behavior change. An empowered girl is able to consistently guard against abuse and stand up for her rights against all forms of child abuse.


Legal Status

GCN is a community based, activist, developmental organisation that seeks to promote the rights and empowerment of the girl child in the home, school and community. It is registered under the Private Voluntary Organization Act (9/2004) and therefore enjoys legal status as an official non-governmental organisation in Zimbabwe. GCN’s headquarters is in Zengeza 4 in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.