Why Girls

Girls face serious social and cultural barriers of legal redress. They are vulnerable firstly because of a low cultural benefit status assigned to them by society.

In addition, they are prone to the harsh economic climate currently prevailing in the country and because of the perceived avenues of obtaining economic emancipation, they become the only and easy targets within their families. On one hand, they are pressured to avoid bringing ‘shame’ upon their families in terms of sexual abuse or any other kind of violence because jailing or reporting the perpetrator would decrease the family’s social and economic benefits and status.

Majority of cases of violence against girls occur in exploitative sexual partnerships. There are many who lack courage and knowledge to break silence on abuse and this program helps with speaking out, seeking assistance and being able to survive without resorting to sex work as an alternative to survival.

What We Do

GCN helps girls at risk or who have experienced harm (rape, child sexual exploitation, sexualisation, body shaming, domestic violence, harmful cultural and religious practices, and other forms of gender based violence) to achieve total healing, rehabilitation, justice, therapy and reintegration into families and society without prejudices, discrimination or experiencing further victimisation.

We therefore work to achieve total healing from traumatic life experiences, self-recovery and empowerment to enable living of a fulfilling life in all areas of personal development. We also provide shelter for girls at risk of abuse through our three empowerment villages, Chihota, Chitsotso in Rusape and Mwemba situated in the resort town of Hwange. Our erstwhile girls’ empowerment clubs in schools and colleges imparted skills and knowledge to girls to enable them to stand up for and defend their rights.

Our Girl Child Empowerment Model encourages support immediately, efficiently and effectively, and ensures girls have good mental health and opportunity to achieve their developmental goals. GCN is committed to offer specialist services and programmes to girls and help them build leadership skills, purpose in life, seek and get justice when they are wronged and inspire them to heal and move forward with their lives so that they reach their full potential.

We exist to ensure that the rights of girls are always promoted, protected and fulfilled.