Our Achievements

In 1999 the organization was formally established. Since then, GCN has risen from a grassroots organisation to a professionally run entity.

GCN has been undertaking preventive and proactive curative measures to challenges faced by children in general and the girl child in particular. Through its various programmes, in particular the Target Beneficiary Protection Emergency Programme in its various forms, Victim Support and Protection Emergency Programme scholarship and reinstatement into school, humanitarian assistance and training in self-help projects, GCN has managed to come to the rescue of children particularly OVC and girls in its various areas of operation.

To date, the organisation has assisted more than 20 000 girls, survivors of child sexual abuse, reinstated thousands of school drop outs, helped girls from disadvantaged families to get involved in income generating projects and provided sanctuary to a number of child sexual abuse survivors and other children from poor backgrounds. Empowerment programmes have been streamlined to make children well prepared to overcome the challenges they face.

Its Girls Empowerment Villages are unique and internationally acclaimed. They are a harbour and safe haven for girls at risk of abuse. GCN has since inception churned out a new breed of empowered young women to take up leadership positions through close collaboration with local, regional and international colleges and universities. Programs such as Women as Role Models and We Are All Leaders have ensured that even after the exit of the original founders, girl child kept running.